Monday, December 13, 2010

Not so well..

Well its finally caught up with me, all the gargling of salt water it seems was in vein because i have a cold and offically feel miserable..
i slept in this morning a woke up at 11..i hate it when i sleep in it throws my whole day out of wack..

I had some pom chia museli and jalna..   nom nom nom nom :)
I made my way to the gym but today i wasnt feeling it, my head was feeling really hot and cloudy, i managed 25mins cardio and half a strength session then called the all for pushing myself but its not sensible when you dont feel well, i could have stay on the couch and felt sorry for myself but at least i went and burnt some calories, its a lot better than nothing.

lunch was just simple and the usal, my head was too cloudy to think of something different...

off to work with a protien shake to get me through then may have skipped dinner because i was naughty...(some days are just hard and this was one)
nothing fab or exciting to report sorry friends, hope that you are all well xo

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