Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh Dear..

hello lovely people that read my blog...hope your saturday was wonderful i wish i could say the same...but my last 24hrs have been a little ...bleh!

It all started last night after a great workout at the gym 45 mins cardio=550 calories plus full weights session, got home a put on my dress for my shop christmas party walked into the living room to show my mum..(i was wearing a lovely red that i love and is just awsome) and she says it needs to be was hanging up in my wardrobe!!? GOSH! So i go to iron it and what do? (yeh i bet you can guess) i ironed a hole in my dress!
ARGHHHHHH...........many tears followed and i ended up wearing black..

Reterned home from christmas party (not drunk, did not drink) with sore throat (that bastard has finally caught up with me after gargling salt water for a week) so i made a cup of tea and salt water to gargle.. turned the lights off and started walking to my room, i walk i do in the dark at least 4 times a week. Before i left home i had placed a fairy statue in a box next to my was the one i spent all day looking for, the exact one my aunt wanted for christmas. CAN U GUESS WHAT HAPPEND? yep i tripped over it...i actually have no idea how tea and hot water go flying and i crawl into my room to change and mop up the blood coming out of my leg.. turn the light on retern out to see statue...ITS BROKEN, the poor fairy has lost its wing....
AAARRGHHH.... sat there and sulked for a bit but eventually got to bed..

This morning i felt like death..hello sore throat.. goodbye  voice...oh and hi 9 hour day at work! arrgh!
Suffering particularly from DOMS today.. must have worked hard yesterday :)
packed the eats for today they looked like this
yogurt with a peach and natural museli, pita pocket with ham and alfalfa, coconut water

and a protien shake to get me through work...
actually eats today was what was above minus...the protien shake because i left it in the car :( so i had a cup of love fat milk with four two teaspoons of milo.. dinner was supposed to have lots of greens in it but it was pasta... and because i needed it..2 chocolate biscuits.
I feel like death so im staying home tonight. to rest my poor feet as the ache from standing up all day.. Nope im not even going to the 24hr gym ive been known to go to on uneventful saturday nights..i have no energy

some days its best to call quits and just relax..i am human after all

found pretty much sums me up tonight

take care lovelies see you all tomz bright and early


  1. Even the best need their rest. :)

  2. aww love, bad days happen, without them you cant have the good. at least ur not siting at LAX with a 6 hour wait bc the bitch check in lady told me i was 1 minute late for the bag drop - ie missing my flight!! hahaha