Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Have you met my best friend?
this is natalie..(clearly not me..yep we have the same name)

Im lucky enough to call this beautiful girl my best friend! She is my longest oldest friend we met on the first day of high school and have been besties ever since.. we are able to complete each others sentences and understand each others sure if she was a man i would have to marry her (oh i just realised how creppy that sounds) she is the most lovely thoughtful person i know..when we were 15 her family moved to queensland (sob) but we are still close and manage to visit each other and talk regularly..
i am thankful to have her in my life, i couldnt imagine it without her. I am so proud of her is persuing her studies as a vet nurse and i know she will be wonderful at it :)
she has also launched her blog recently and i would love it if you all went over there and gave her some love ..she is at  Running with the wolves check it out..

1 comment:

  1. Aaaaw Nat..! *Grabs you and squeezes you in the biggest hug ever!*
    What a lovely way to start the day. :)
    Thank you for being such an amazing friend and I'm so proud of all that you have done and are continuing to do too.
    Love your bestie forever,
    N. xx