Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Its beginning to feel a lot like christmas...

Hey friends?! have you noticed? its beginning to feel a lot like christmas and its a damm stressful time of year! i should know im at the forfront of it i work at a supermarket..
being a poor student, and lets face it we all have extra costs at christmas i stumbled across this list over at Fitness & spice and i had to re post it here..

Here are 10 Free Gift Ideas

For a child, praise.
For a stressed out friend or colleague, an ear.
For a hard-working employee, a few hours off.
For the couple that really needs a night out, a babysitter.
For the idiot person that cut you off in traffic, forgiveness.
For someone that’s looking for a job, vodka an introduction.
For a mom at the grocery store with a screaming child, a smile.
For your friend who’s been trying to get into better shape, a compliment.
For the guy behind you at the coffee shop that’s clearly late for work, a cut in line.
For the new members at your gym that are hogging your favorite equipment, patience.

these gifts are free and are selfless...some of the best are...its especailly important to remember these around christmas time...

readers question.. can you add to this list of free gifts? what do you do for the benefit of others this time of year?


  1. I don't feel the Christmas spirit as of yet. Maybe it is because of the fact that I will be working right through December. Perhaps it is because I don't hear any Christmas music (don't have a radio in my office.) I don't know. I think I will feel the spirit once I got off work on the 24th, that Eve.

  2. Same, zero Christmas spirit here. Listening to the carols at work all day just makes me more cranky!