Sunday, December 19, 2010

weird and wacky..

hey all , hows your day going? this is just a short one today (apologies i know a lot of my posts have been short lately...) found this and i thought id share it with you all..........
they call it a trek desk...My first opinion was its a good idea...think of all the stuff you could do on a tredmill?!..but then i thought about it....what exactly would i do? how would i write notes while keeping pace, and if im not keeping a decent pace then whats the point of the treadmill? you certainly cannot run and write at the same time?! (well i cant). Which brings me to another point...would i actually get quality study done on this while getting a quality workout?...NO...! Somethings are just not ment for multitasking.. id rather run out side and have a mental break..rather than challenge myself mentally and attempt a physical one at the same time.. The idea was there i guess....

readers question.... would you use this? what are some things that you find are better done without multitasking..?

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  1. i always exercise and study! hahaha but studying involes reading and occassionally highlighting, which is heaps easier than writting!!

    btw this would be pointless for me now anyway im not studying anymore!!