Monday, December 20, 2010

5 not so naughty christmas treats..

hello lovely people that read my blog hope your all well and are enjoying the festive season... i know i did many chocolates everywhere i look at my house, my mum has just brought home the christmas presents she got from work and every kid has given her chocolate! lucky im here to help her ;)
but im making a concous effort not to over endulge.. and make sensible choices when i choose to...
tis the season to be merry and eat treats here and there after all

Five christmas treats under 100 calories.
Candy Canes

Perhaps the candy most synonymous with the holiday season is the red and white striped candy cane. A breath freshener and the perfect stirrer for hot chocolate, it's also quite the low calorie sweet treat as most regular sized ones only have 50 calories.

Chocolate covered strawberries

Color me happy. While you shouldn't exactly go overboard with chocolate covered strawberries, you shouldn't feel bad about indulging in at least one. One regular sized berry dipped in the sweet stuff will cost you about 48 calories.
Peppermit tea

this is one christmas drink that you can go over board with and not notice the difference in your pant size. with only 2 calories per serving go cant go past this hot yummy drink.
Lindt chocolate ball

BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE! these are super yummy and very easy to go overboard on, but with only 79 couldnt hurt right?
Ginger snap cookies
You know the thin kind? Well, each cookie has only 29 calories. Maybe Santa should be chowing down on these this Christmas Eve.

Reader Question: What are your favourite low calorie/healthy treats you enjoy this time of year?


  1. currenlty getting on the peppiment tea :) watching the snow fall outside! :)
    i feel so festive

  2. The mini lindt gold reindeer are even better at 53cal each (although the packet suggests you should eat them two at a time... weird)

    However, my absolute favourite would be the yoplait forme apple pie ;D! yes it is a whole 71 calories, but it is also 175g of pure fat free, low GI bliss with chunks of spiced apple and a buttery crust flavoured filling. Its good stuff!