Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back into the swing..

Hey all hope all is well in your worlds.. today felt like the first 'normal' day ive had in ages, and im not quite sure what i mean by that... i think it was eating my normal foods having an awsome run which put me in a good frame of mind... Also finishing my christmas shopping was a good feeling.
speaking of christmas shopping its crazy out there...kids everywhere i couldnt even move at some points...arghh!! avoiding all shops untill boxing day..(yes i know im a masicast)

it seems like its been forever since ive posted some of my daily eats...(dont get excited we have been over this before i dont do knew foods often)
blueberries oats and water with some milk
toast with ham cheese and egg
i burnt it a little but it was the perfect pre run snack..

i also had a protien shake  before work and a bread roll with my monster salad i had at work for dinner..

i had an excellent run..considering i was battling my mind the whole time..i just wanted to give up, im very glad i didnt let myself..6.5km ..dont mind if i do..  :)
the whole time during my run i was telling myself over and over that i was thirsty.. and i  truely was after about 4kms...whlich turned me into thinking...what am i going to do next year when i have to run lots and lots to train for the half marathon? hmmmm
readers question ..heres one for all you long distance runners....what do you do to hydrate?

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