Sunday, January 9, 2011

cheaper and and WIN!

you would have heard these lines before...hey maybe you have said them yourself (i know i have wanted to believe they were true when i was craving a burger)
"i cant afford to buy healthy food"

"its cheaper to eat fast food"

"the price a fruits and vegies are way too expensive"

BUT my friends im going to prove to you all that this is un true..not only is eating fresh and healthy food good for you and your insides its good for your hip pocket too..

so there you go money in 2011 and clean up your eats :)
i know im going to try my every best.. especially with diet soft drinks, they are a weakness of mine that i would really like to cut down on..
readers question.. what do you splurge on that you want to cut down on this year?


  1. hi-
    Just saw you on KellyO's blig
    LOVE this post! thanks for sharing!!! :)

  2. I agree with you on this post. I spend round about $20 a week on fresh veggies AND fruit for me and my family of 4 people. $20 is one meal at McDonalds for a family of 4 people....