Saturday, January 8, 2011

FIRST RACE OF 2011 ...

Hello lovely people who read my are we?
i wish i had a bunch of super healthy eats to  show, and a tone of amazing workouts to post.. but the truth is ive been pretty relaxed about meals..its still the holidays here and its way too hot, not to mention the christmas food is still lingering around. And the workout thing?  maybe i made it sound worse than it is...its only been 2 days but i started the year so well and the last few days i have had all sorts of valid excuses.
No really i did!! Thursday i was so so sore from wednesdays bike ride..and yesterday was so hot... we are going through a heat wave here and it almost makes it impossible to run more than 3km without becoming all thirsty and cranky (or is that just me?)
So there are the excuses and im gonna break Januarys no gym rule today to get my workout on  this afternoon..
In other news...i signed up for my first race of 2011 and im trying  a new distance in prep for my half marathon later this year... 15km 27th of Feb...

ok wish me luck...i guess that means i better get back to the gym
have a lovely day


  1. Hey Nat
    Are you entering the Sri Chinmoy - Yarra Boulevard race? I have the dilemma of chosing between running faster or longer.
    Keep up the hard work!

  2. hi dave, yep thats the one...
    hmmm i know the delemma.. last year i foucsed on getting my 10km to 1hr now im going for distance becuase my goal is to do the half this year, it all depend what your working need a goal buddy..
    ps congrats on the good race, but poor form missing the crew on sunday

  3. My lift to the party on Saturday bailed on me and I couldn't justify a 3 hour round trip to come hang out and behave! I'll have to make up for it by hosting a killer housewarming in Feb.

    I might have a bit too much on my fitness plate to be adding half marathon to the list. Running was meant to be a means to an ends, where the 'ends' was increasing my fitness and endurance for football season. But I have (and still am) enjoying running :)

    Good luck in preperation for the 15km. I might see you in Richmond doing a practice run!