Tuesday, January 25, 2011

fingers crossed..

hi friends how are you? hope your all well and getting lots of rest to make up for my lack of..still doing the tennis thing and im having fun but everyone in the shop is looking a little tired as the days go on..

please cross your fingers and your toes for me today as i have a very early job interview! yes it is at the same place that i said i was going into a couple of weeks ago..and ive been invited back for a second one at 7.30am. id love to scream out to you all where i am going and what i will be doing but im too worried that i might not get it and so on..and i dont want to get anymore excited than i already am...(and use my oprah voice ..clue ;0)

snackage is looking like this in between meals which i eat at the staff cafe..(sorry no pictures im not allowed my phone at work)

rice cakes with hommas ham and lettuce

protien with water

i L-O-V-E my lululemon drink bottle i got from my friend kat for christmas..i use it every day.

after work tonight im having drinks with the lacoste staff..cant wait to let my hair down a little and relax before Australia day, a very busy at the tennis.

readers question: can you guess where the interview is? how do you get past job interview nerves?

ill keep you posted on how it all goes.

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