Tuesday, January 11, 2011

goodbye dear friend..

hi friends how have you all been? thanks so much for your support for the 3630 festival..it will be blast im so excited! ive been doing heaps that last couple of days and planned to share he pictures with you.. but something sad happend today.. My camera died..it had a good life..i mean it was there along side me as i had some of my happiest moments and memorable times and it was pretty old...but the thing is i liked my old camera it was easy to use and well i am used to it! so anyway i need to get a new one asap..just the sorta expense a girl without a job can afford!

on the bright side.. i broke my no gym january rule i was at home and i didnt feel like going to the casual 24hr gym..it was too hot to workout outside so i gave in. I did my usal workout 45mins cardio 20mins full weights..600calories it felt great but it was harder than i remember..and sure enough when i woke up this morning i had pretty sore muscles partically my butt and sholders..goes to show that although ive been running my body had missed squats and weights and boy is it telling me about it today!
i attemped a run today..i mean i did run but it was a struggle with my muscle sorness from yesterday, i ended up walking for about 2.5kms throughout the run and stopped to stretch twice..7kms all up. I happy with that considering  at 2.5kms in i was about to give up and go home.

My parents are off in the Northern Teritory at the moment celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary..mum as always wanted to go to see Uluru so dad took her there...isnt that romantic..well its nice i think
 i have been feeling really run down lately and have been mildly sick since November..not sick enough to go to the doctor but sick enough to feel bleh! anyway thought i should get it checked out before i start working at the australian open.. Working at the tennis is lots of fun but its also very draining, 9hr days 14 days straight , so its not smart to start there already run down.. i have so low grade antibotics so hopefully thats enough to get on top of it...and also i was a very brave girl! i went to get a blood test all by myself! yes i know im rather old to be so childish but i have a serious phobia people! Anyway the lady was very nice and it never hurts has much as i think it will...fingers crossed everything is ok, its just good to check everything out once in a while ya know?!

anyway im off...check in tomz with news of my exciting day...it really will be exciting i have an interview for the job of my dreams! please cross your fingers and toes for me
catch ya x

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