Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What a day!!!

hi all whats going on? i tell you today im exhausted.. had a really bad nights sleep last night i didnt get to sleep untill 2am becuase i got hungry, tried to sleep but then all i could think about is being hungry so i got up for a glass of old am i?? 5? oh well i guess my bones will thank me for it

i had a lunch date with 2 of my favorite girlfriends where they shared the news that we were celebraties..well not quite but still amazing awsome that we got put on the pyramid rock video on youtube..

yep thats me in the middle at 30seconds..a little drunk but lets call it happy..we are very happy and yes we are aware the pool has no water in it...dont ask lol
i also had my job interview today and im quitely confident people! i have a follow up interview on the 25th.. so wish me luck..
it was odd it didnt feel like an interview at all the girl was really nice she and i were talking about my half marathon im doing later on this year and she was telling about a running group she is in and invited me to come along..then we spent about 15mins talking about yoga.. hint hint..can you guess where the interview was?! so fingers and toes crossed becuase this girl needs a job after the tennis and if there was ever a job i wanted 1000000times over this is it!

workout today was the gym routine thing..
ok gotta run x

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