Thursday, January 13, 2011

Raining cats and dogs

hi friends how are we all..? hope my fellow ausies are staying dry. Its been raining here all day and the weather is so tropical..its gross..everything is so sticky and sweaty the humidity is at 98% yuk!.Not the type of summer i like at all!

Im not the type to not run just becuase its raining, trust me ive been known to get out there and run in the thick of it...for all my melbourne readers ill share a secret..its one of the best times to run the tan, you have it all to yourself basically. However today it wasnt going to happen..its pouring, so when jess called and offered me a lift to the gym i new it would be a better bet than running.. So i ran a short 3km with 1on the incline on the dreadmill (yes you read that right..i hate the treadmill, we are not friends), then i biked for 30mins and did a small amount of strength training. Today it was really hard, although my gym is air conditioned the humidity has just over powered it.. i tell you i was sweating like a pig...but it felt great!

I'd like you all to pray for the people in Queensland im pretty sure most of  you have heard about the terrible floods happening up there and there are 1000s of heart breaking stories coming out. My bestie Natalie who blogs over at Running with the wolves lives in brisbane and she is dry, but her community would be really struggling not to mention the wildlife which she cares for as a vet sure if shes able to get to work she'll be swamped, i havnt spoken to her in awhile ...Nat if you are reading i hope your doing well

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