Friday, January 14, 2011

Tupperware party

hello people..hows your day going? mine has been ok, i feel like ive been asleep for most of it..
i started the day with a phone call from my buddy jess telling me to get my bottom to the gym...shes a good friend, everyone needs one of those ;)
did the usal routine of 5 mins rowing 20mins on xtrainer plus and extra 10mins on the bike20mins on the stepper and 30mins of stregth training, After that i was starving and i mean STARVING..the plan for the arvo was to go and purchase a new camera but after i chowed on a tuna salad and half a cheese toastie (becuase i was starving and craving carbs) i fell asleep fill getting quite used too nanna naps, not a habbit im keen to continue becuase when im doing 9hr days 14 days straight starting on monday. Oh well i think its just rest my body will need it store up on that for the up coming weeks.
So no camera..=no pictures sorry guys, my food isnt that interesting anyway.

My cousin D had a tupperware party tonight ..and i have to share a secret with you...i love tupperware, maybe a little too much for someone my maybe a little expensive but its so dam nifty!
i bought a salad bowl, to make transporting my lunch easier (i usally eat salads for lunch)

it comes with a knive and fork and salad dressing container which all fit into the lid! i also bought a shaker for my protien shakes..this one is a non leak one which whill avoid messy circumstances occuring in my handbag (dont ask)..
to go to guys and catch some zzzz off to lake eildon tomz for my friend richards party and then at night back to melbourne for my lovely friend jamies 21st birthday...gosh fun times ahead!
see ya

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