Sunday, January 16, 2011

One day 3 parties..and recovery

Hey...oh my goodness! Yesterday was an epic day i guess i'll begin at the start...
In the morning John came to my house to take me to Huzfest..Huzfest was the first annual festival put on my our mutal friend Richard Hurry at late was an amazing day. He built a water slide all the way from his house to the lake! I also got a chance to try wakeboarding for the first time..and i was able to stand up :) it was so so so so much fun..keep posted for photos when they emerge...
                                                  (john and i, and his lovely girlfriend liana)
The party continued all night but john an i left at 6pm to go to my dear friend Jamie's 21st birthday..we arrived at 9pm and partied the night away it was great to catch up with all my old work friends again..

                                                  (jamie and i on one of our crazy adventures)

The party wound up at 12.30 and despite my big day i still had legs on me and when Amelia said we should head into the city..i thought that would be a good cut out alot of details..our group ended up having to go home becuase they were tired so it was just Amelia and i, although the bar had closed we were allowed to stay becuase she knew the owner..that thats where all the crazyness started....i did tequila shots like i thought i would never do them...and the owner even took me behind the bar and told me to help myself to whatever i wanted......(WHEN DOES THIS EVER HAPPEN TO ME??!)
The bar staff and us were all drinking and having fun till the early/late hours of the morning..
they taught me how to make my new fav drink...A French martini
so you would not believe i got home at 6am?!!!!! wow what a night....
when i got home a smashed the water.. and a sandwich..i forgot how hungry i was, i just forgot to eat dinner..very unlike me! must have got caught up in all the excitment..
Woke up at 1pm feel great...weird i know..but i needed a green monster to regain health...

Ill post the recipe on tuesday..
so thats that.. really i just slept and relaxed all day.... what an epic day ..

readers question what is your favourite drink?

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