Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My top 10 songs of 2010

Hi friends hows it going? still doing the tennis thing, so today i thought id share with you my top 10 songs for 2010. My fav radio station gets its listeners to vote on all new releases in 2010 and all the votes are counted and they release their hottest 100 song of i thought i share with you all my contribution...

MY TOP 10 OF 2010!
  1. Wombats, The - Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)
  2. Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk
  3. Gypsy & The Cat - Piper's Song
  4. Holidays, The - Broken Bones
  5. Naked And Famous, The - Punching In A Dream
  6. Little Red - Rock It
  7. Andy Bull - Dog {Ft. Lisa Mitchell}
  8. Oh Mercy - Keith St.
  9. Children Collide - Jellylegs
  10. Crystal Castles - Not In Love {Ft. Robert Smith}
the results are released on Australia day (26/1/2011) so i share the results then..

Readers Question: What do you think of my votes? What are your favorite songs of 2010?

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