Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gym Etiquette

Hi guys hows it going? hope your all well
Thought i do a post on gym etiquette today.. Ive been to a few gyms and have seen different levels of eitquette..and i think thats it just strange that there would be such a difference, i mean surely at the end of the day it is common courtesy right? apparently not..

  1. Wipe your machine after use: how gross is it when you get on a machine and its covered it sweat? Even if it doesnt drip people give it a wipe for hygines sake!

2. Don't drop your weights: While a gym is not a church, do try to respect the peace and quiet of your fellow members. Don't drop weights from a high elevation for no reason, it doesnt make you look tough, it just freaks out the rest of the gym members.

3. How long are you really gonna be on that machine buddy? respect your fellow gym members and maybe using the treadmill for 50mins while the gyms packed is a little inconsiderate to other members.. when its quite its ok..
4. Dont stare. Yes girls lift weights too, people come in different shapes and sizes and everyone has a right to attend a gym without feeling uncomfortable.

5. Music: There’s absolutely no problem with music, but don’t have it blasting so loudly through your headphones that those around you can hear the noise. And please, no karaoke.

 6. Water fountains: Water fountains are to drink from—not to spit in and not to throw your gum in. If you are filling up your massive water bottle, let the people behind you go first for a quick sip.

7. Weights: Are you done with them? Then put them away! Sometimes the racks are full and disorganized so you can’t place your weights in their proper spot, but you can at least place them somewhere on the rack or on the floor in front of where they should go. Leaving them in the middle of the room is a tripping hazard and leaves others uncertain if they are being used. ok clearly i almost tripped over once and am sorta sentitive about it ok?

8. And lastly, a tip for the guys from all of us women: Don’t forget to work your legs! ...oh and cardio wont kill you!

9. thought i was done?! so did i..but guys seriously dont bother with me if you cant..

 joking :)
hope i didnt come across all gym nazi -ish

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  1. I've read many posts like yours and I wish that everyone who uses the gym, will read this too. This is a good piece to have up in a gym because many people lack in this department.