Friday, January 21, 2011

Sisters its time to get real!

In Australia horse racing gets more media coverage than womens sport....
Magazines are constantly littered with new 'diets' 'health trends' and 'mircle cures'

Has it ever occured to the majority of people who buy these that there is no magic cure?! Simple portion controled meals and exercise is the the only way, and yes it does take determination and hard work but the health benifits are well worth it!

I'd like to highlight womens health magazines 'WOMEN IN SPORT CAMPAIGN' 

...................................................and scream at the top of my lungs FINALLY!!!!!!

Their aim is simple:
“Firstly, we aim to encourage over 100,000 Australian women who currently do not participate in sport, to pledge their support and become involved in a sporting activity during 2011. Secondly, we will celebrate female athletes from all fields whose achievements are often undervalued or unrecognised"

THIS IS THE ANSWER PEOPLE!!! NOT FAD DIETS... By making exercise enjoyable and accountable ..a healthy lifestyle will follow. Being physically active lessens your chances of suffer severe depression because it connects you with other people.. It also increases heart health!

  • join a running group
  • netball team
  • hockey team
  • tennis club
  • swim squad
the list can go on and on...

or go to..

And support other women out there doing us proud.!

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