Saturday, January 22, 2011


hi friends happy saturday...hope your all resting for be becuase today is day 6 of me working at the lacoste store at the tennis and i have 7 more to go! its  fun though, im not complaining..but the days/nights are very long and i am le tired already.

My life lately consits on this...

i have to be honest with you all my workouts are on hold from now untill its over..i just cant do it with the hours im working..i know 'cant' isnt the right word...i should always make time..but i have decided not to for the next 7 days. I miss it but i need to preserve my energy stores to keep me going throughout the whole time., not to mention the shoes they make me wear make my legs so sore that when my 9hr shift is over im almost too sore to walk to my car! excuse my winge..

My eating habbits have changed dramatically too...(well dramatic may be me being...dramatic, but they are diffferent). I need to eat more to sustain myself throughout the day.. the first few days i was totally and utterly exhausted to the point of wanting to cry i had to step back and look at what was going on.. i was running 6km every morning and undernourishing my body. My usal eating habbits involve me having small meals and snacks every 3hrs becuase large amounts of food put me off, but i only have one break in my shift which means i must eat a big meal then.. Also my diet is mostly high protien low carb and this works with me eating 6 times a day but not so well when i only eat 3! So my daily diet looks something like this..
(remember people i am a creature of comfort and when i fins something i like i genrally stick to it, untill i get tired)

breakfast is the usal with oats/weatbix and mixed berries and apricots and a glass of juice and cup of green tea..

lunch is from the staff cafe, which has limited healthy choices so i opt for a chicken wrap and a yogurt

dinner also from the staff cafe after work late at night is either a salad or some trying to stick to salad!

ive also been being a bit sneaky and bring snacks i can quickly eat out the back of the shop
ive been cutting up cucumber, having almonds and these sneaky treats..
i know...i the perfect world i wouldnt eat this processed rubbish but im trying to make the best of my situation here and these ones are the best of best out there health wise so give me some points please!
Ok people im off to catch some zzzz, if any of my lovely readers are going to the australian open please come up and say hi, id love to meet you, and i bet you will make my day. Im in the lacoste tent :)

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