Sunday, January 23, 2011

Does exercise make you hungry?

Hi friends hows your sunday going? im still doing the tennis thing so i pre preparied this for you all i hope you find it interesting...

How often after a huge run or workout at the gym do you come home starving?! happens to me heaps!


I'd say YES! i mean i eat healthier foods but i know my body has worked hard and needs to be refueled..

It really seems like a bit of a cruel joke if you're trying to lose a few kgs, and all the exercise does for you is to make you feel hungrier.
Studies have actually shown that both normal weight and obese individuals, who workout for a significant periods of time, do not increase their hunger, nor do they eat more to compensate following a good workout.

Hmmm...i dunno about this.. if im burning 500 extra calories day compared to someone who isnt surely my body would  need more fuel than theirs?! Think about athletes diets compared to ours? I would say it comes down to the type of foods you choose to eat.. salad vs cake...sometimes you better pick the salad as much as your wanting the other

there may be a reason why i may be hungry after a workout though..i usally workout before a meal eg lunch, so when its lunch time im well and truely hungry...but thats about all i can come up with

I assume many people may fall into the trap of rewarding themselves with food after a workout or over induging in unhealthy foods beacuse they have worked out and over estimated their calorie burn rate and underestimated the nutritional value of their food.

Readers question: does working out make you hungry? do you agree with this study?

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