Tuesday, January 4, 2011


ok....my butt is by no standards big but i love this ad...for me it represents strength, how being skinny and weak was not for me, i would much rather be able to lunge, lift and run...along with that i laugh smile and have confidence..
so here i was just over a year ago.....unhappy and unfit

so here i am now..definately a work in progress, there are days when i want to go back, where that seems like a better life, but then i look at this nike ad and it all makes sence. i am strong, i am happy and i will kick ass in 2011..i will stop judging myself as lesser and have confidence to not worry about what the scale says, not worry about what people may or may not be thinking, sure it was and it still is hard work, but its worth it
its all about being the best me..nourishing and respecting myself

readers question...what inspires you to achieve the best you?

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  1. Oh woah Nat.. The strength and health you have radiating from your recent photo compared the the one a year ago is amazing. That old photo really makes me wish I had been there with you to support and perhaps force a chocolate or two down your throat. That old photo truly does frighten me a bit, but I'm so glad to see you looking after yourself now.
    N. xx