Wednesday, January 5, 2011

horse and bike riding..

Hi friends ive been away at my beach house and forgot my camera cord hence my lack of personal pics ect..
well im home for a few days to do the study thing and tie up some knots for my employment with the tennis..

although ive been away and my eats have def been in holiday mood but my workouts have friends i have smashed it! its all about incidental workouts..ive been doing squats while hanging up the washing and un packing the diswasher (dont picture that lol)
while the boys have been fishing at night ive been getting in some runs..6km and 7km not bad.. i guess

and some fun exercises..yesterday my dad and i went horse riding on the beach.

 my horse's name was heath
 this was as close as heath was aloud to go to the water because apparently he liked it a little too much and will sit and roll in it while all the other horses got to play in the water heath and i had to sit out..almost like we were in time out
heath ur actions spoilt it for the both of us!
 me and my dad
 note this is what my horse did the whole time...bending over and eating  heath was naughty

Today my mum dad and i went for a 23km bike ride! ive never ridden so far in my life but it was fun and i was glad to spent some time with them..

so at home now ..getting the eats clean again and facing reality of jobs and homework ect ..oh well its nice to try some new exercises even if they do make your butt and inner thighs sore :)

catch ya xx

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