Friday, January 28, 2011


Hi friends hope your all well!
i have well and truely hit the wall with this tennis thing! i tell you im havin a blast and i really really me, but the long hours and the lack of routine is starting to get to me.. As most of you know i am a creature of comfort and thrive with routine..i mostly eat the same foods, run the same track and gym at the same time.. but all this has been turned upside down. In the first week of the tennis i decided to look after myself, which ment not making myself overtired and stressed about fitting in exercise routines and be alittle kinder to myself about my diet ect..

Taking a week and half off my usal way of life ...i now know exactly why it is i chose to live the life i do (i hope that makes sense)  it makes me feel great, i have energy and i honestly believe it makes me a better person..

I am craving  bikram yoga like i never thought i would and my legs (although tired) are itching to run (who would have thought?!) body wants to eat at its usal times and not have to eat a massive meal for lunch.. i want to workout and nourish my body like a usally do. So although when the tennis is over ill be sad becuase i am having heaps of fun, i have all of those things to look forward to, not to mention working towards my goal for the first half of this year which is running a 15km!

also news on the employment front.. after what seemed like the most amazing, scary and intimidating group interview i have ever attended i got a message on my answering machine on wednesday saying they would like me to come into the store and have a 3rd interview...gosh!!! 3 interviews for one job, i cant possibly think of anymore questions they could ask me! Anyway i called back first thing the next morning and left 2 messages during the day for the manager who hasnt yet called me back...i cannot explain to you how nervous i so anxious about this i constantly feel like there is a lump in my throat and my breath is always sort...(oh dear god i really am a drama queen) surely...they will call becuase they called once and said they wanted to see me again, and the manager is probs just busy or out of store..i hope they havnt forgotton.
the reason im so jumpy at the moment is that the tennis is finishing soon and im beginning to face the reality that i wont have a job to go back to nor an income.. also the fact that this job is the job of my dreams and could quite possibly change my life eeekk!

readers question: what are your goals for this half of the year?

hope your all thriving at what ever you doing..

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