Saturday, January 29, 2011

Game Set Match-routine

Hi friends hope your all well, Today was the last day for me at the tennis..and i tell you folks im going to miss it.. today i thought it would be fun to show you some pics becuase lets face it ive been lazy in that department lately..
so here we go..
the best part of my day is always the morning and the evening, both times that i get to walk through the fitzroy gardens, they are so pretty..and its a nice relaxing 1.5kms to walk to work.

oh and then the city views

and then i get here...this my friends is the blow up tent that i have been working in for the past 2 weeks

this is the massive spin tennis court we have set up inside..yes it is fun to play and be paid for it ;)

this is Darcy Piyia and I..they are both so lovely and were great friends to me..They were both flown down from sydney by their sunglass company to sell the lacoste sunnies..and yes they really are good sales people they sold so many!

i was on the register most of the time and in the quite hours of today i did some art work...
remember making these as kids? i dont think i have grown up yet..
the dolls represent everyone in our shop :)

walking home (back through the gardens) it was such a beautiful night i thought i would stop and look at the fairy houses. My family always used to take me to look at these when i was little and i still love them..and yes fiaries do live in there!!

 oh and the fiary not exactly sure if they are fiary houses or trees,..but thats what my parents told me when i was little so it must be true!!

so the tennis is over...and now im back to not having a job...thats obvoisuly the next step ill take. This will help me alot in establishing a routine. Routine is something that i crave and i am happiest when i have one thats working for me, getting my workouts back on will also be a huge positive step for me..
i have a chance this year to create a really positive environment for myself in finding a job where i am happy and balances well with school.. also with my fitnes goals ..
tomorrow seems like the first day of the year to me in many ways because its a complete clean slate..i have no idea what i am going to do, its both thrilling and frighting..and all im thinking is god nat dont stuff it up, i will find a job im sure but the unknown really worries me.. I guess i should worry about the things i can control and the things i cant control will fall into place if i organise myself accordingly right?! gosh i hope so.

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