Sunday, January 30, 2011

hot and lazy

hi was your day? mine was relaxing.
today was my first tennis free day in 2 weeks and it felt really good to sleep in and wake up knowing i didnt have to be anywhere.. so i spent the day sorting things out, cleaning my room which has become..well, words cant describe..
it has been extreamly hot today 40degrees, way to hot to run so im waiting till its dark..hopefully i can get a short run in and it wont be too hard on my body... eeek the first workout in a while is always the hardest.

some eats today looks like this..

i cant handle oats in the heat and im quite enjoying the change of eating weetbix instead.

for lunch a simple tuna salad with cucumber, lettuce and tomato

  jalna with a cup of blueberries...nomnomnom
 oh and i may or may not have had fish and chips while watching the biggest looser..oooppps..well im human right? and its not as though i eat them everyday..and i am totally being clean and good as of tomz :)

No seriously i didnt feel that bad about dinner tonight and why should i? its just fuel..for a super sweaty workout tomz!

im off to run..then jump in the pool and watch the mens tennis final...pheewww it is hot!
bye x

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