Monday, January 31, 2011

A mental sport

note to self...

food=fuel,  fuel does not=rubbish,   eating rubbish for fuel = natalie vomiting when she runs..

sorry to paint this picture for you guys oh and for speaking in a third person..that was a bit odd of me..

first run after taking a break is always hard, i new it was going to be hard but it still makes me was 3km so hard?!  there is no point whining about it as i said this year would be my year of ...

if running long distances were easy everyone would do it! but reality is it hurts and its dam hard...the factor that not many non-runners would know is there are actually 2 challenging aspects of it... the physical (the most obvious) and the mental..

 i struggle with mental aspect of it more than anything.. i really do believe in the saying 'you set your own limits' becuase the only person who holds me back from running that extra kilometer 95% of the time is me talking myself out of it.

So whats the answer?...practice i guess, i am still relatively new at this sport, ive been doing it for less than a year.. i also might pop into the library this week and see what information i can get..

readers question anyone have some ideas for me? id love to hear some advice...hello blogging world? are you there? ....echo..

no really please comment and let me know..

...maybe so..
anyway im off to bikram yoga for the first time this year....i cant wait its going to be amazingly hard and wonderful and then play my first netball game of the year,,,hello welcome back routine! :)
see ya x

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