Tuesday, February 1, 2011

dreadmill time

Hi there, hows your day going? i can tell you its been H-O-T here. We are in the middle of a heat wave here and the weather is draining.. its so hard to exercise in the heat.. and by that i mean run.

Because i'm a twat, yesterday i got all dressed for my bikram class traveled 30mins to the city to find out that they no longer run 12pm classes! argh!!!!  so instead i went home and did some yoga in my room which also felt like it was 40 degrees so it had the same effect i guess. So i hung around all day in my yoga clothes because well...it was hot and i was lazy...

excuse the bathroom pic and the over excited face, im not a happy girl when i miss hot yoga!
Guess who came home today from the states where she went to see cher!  so jelous...Kaityln!! those who dont know Kaityln she is my brothers girlfriend... and   L-O-V-E having her around beacuse that means there is another girl in the house, sorry mum i know your a girl too but ya know what i mean.. and i love her even more becuase she bought back presents for me...

yep from victoria secret..No im not showing you.. sorry

Today i didnt do much, not working all day like im used to..really throws be out of wack.. im not sure what im supposed to do to fill my time now..i desperately need another job, but its just a matter of waiting to find out what the uni shedual is looking like. I know i will find one.. but at the moment im just anxious about it, because bills keep coming in.. So if anyone reading has a part time position to offer me...the answer is YES!

As i mentioned before its way to hot to run outside and my legs are itching to do it, not to mention my concsious was nagging me a little more than i could handle so it was off to the dreadmill  at the gym for me! i was lucky enough to have Kris there with me with, distracting me from the draining repeatativness of running of the dreadmill. Kris works at my gym and she is wonderful, she always inspires me and pushes me to do my best and thats exactly what she did today she made me stay on the treadmill till i finished my 8km .. allowing me to stay true to my new years resoltion NO EXCUSES! thanks Kris..

Eats today were not overly exciting..

weetbix and milk.. for breakie

tuna and cucumber salad for lunch

with two rice thins with hommas ham and lettuce

afternoon snach was yogurt and museli, i love museli.. i really have to exercise portion control with museli but i just cant! oh well ..

im really awful at dinner pictures sorry... well it was pasta with salad and green beans.. which is exactly what i needed after my sweaty run..
Im off to go and see a movie with catty.. see ya

Readers question who inspires you to keep going when you want to give up?

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  1. I wish heat was our problem here, we have a blizzard outside right now! Yayy for your brothers gf being home and bringing you gifts! <3 Jen from shesafitchick.com