Wednesday, February 2, 2011

stuck in a rut.. a major challenge!

hi lovely people that read my blog.. hope your all well, im pretty much bored out of my brains here, not having a job is killing me..anyway im doing all i can so its just a waiting game i guess.

I came to the conclusion last night that it was time my diet had a bit of a shake up, not that its not healthy and im dont enjoy what i eat because i totally do!
I was doing a bit of online reading at about nutrition and what active people should eat ect just because im curious and like to learn of that sorta stuff.. and realised i really should add some variety in there.. just to mix it up and get nutrients from different sources.

So here it goes.. FOR 7 DAYS I  WILL EAT FOODS I DONT NORMALLY EAT.. espeasially for breakfast and lunch becuase those two are my main problems

DAY  ONE of " seven days, of differnet meals, differnt ways.."

i think this challenge will be good for me to well and truely say goodbye to the old days of eating little and poorly... not to mention liven this place up a little bit..becuase im sure your all sick of seeing the same things..

so here i one
Breakfast i adapted some online recipes to create
HBA's Perfect Protien Pancakes

and a necterine off our tree :) they were so so so yummy..i never thought making pancakes this way would taste so good but yes, yes it does...
They were so filling i think i could easily just have one for breakfast, not to mention almost the size of my head
stay posted for tomz becuase ill put up my recipe :)

lunch was hard becasuse to be honest a tuna salad would have done me fine but im all for trying new foods and salad combinations...the major issue for me was where i would find my protien from..

lunch looked like this:
red capsicum, cucumber and some mixed beans..

so there ya go! im off to to jump on the cross trainer, weight training and then take a body sculpt class..horray classes are back at my gym :)

readers question: whats your favourite class to take at the gym?
mine is pilates, i love my pilates class and maybe also body sculpt :) how can i choose just one>?!

have a fun day.. see you with the recipe tomz

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