Tuesday, February 8, 2011

job jitters

hi everyone..hope you had a wonderful day i sure did! applied for 11 jobs today.. getting a little desperate worried at not having an income. i feel i should be going everywhere holding this sign.
I have a third interview for the most fabulous, wonderful, exciting, only one i really want, probs having wanted this job more than anything ever... job tomorrow.  i think thats a good sign ..i mean a third job interview come on!!! im worried im not going to know what to say that i havnt already said. They asked me to think about an initiative i would introduce into the store and i have been working on a poster all night..and been having a lot of fun! gosh i miss school projects! anyway i have debated whether or not to share where it is with you all becuase i know it will be a hard blow for me if i dont get the job. But i pretty much tell you guys everything and i do want you to cross your fingers and toes for me tomz because i would love this job (do i need to say this more...i will),..i feel it would be such a hugely (is that a word?!) positive thing for me and would also give me the platform to achieve wonderful things within the community and get my ideas out there.. so here goes, the third interview is at...
yep thats right ..>.insert huge loud oprah voice<     LULULEMON...i am pretty much the most scared/hopeful candidate they have.. i freaking want this job!!! so cross your fingers and toes!!

apart from posters, today i took my iphone to apple store to purchase a new one..and i apparently i have to make an interview ..and the next interview they can give me is on the 15th? what ? it will take 2 seconds..i just want to swipe my credit card so i can get my life phone back please!! anyway so i have to live another week without a phone/ipod/garmin/camera/life support....you get me?

i also took a class i have never taken before at my gym! Its called X-Trainer and it involved cardio strength , and core intervals...it was amazing, the teacher was lovely and the music was great! if i can i would love to continue taking this class. it was a total body workout and it made me sweat! i love a good class!

ok friends its quite late and i have to run...well now im running to bed, but i also have a run planned for the morning..yes i have been putting it off this week...wish me luck for tomz

Readers questions
  1. What class have you taken lately that has 'wow'ed you?
  2. Ever been for a job at Lulu? How did it go?
  3. Got any job interview tips for me? every little bit counts


  1. oooh best of luck for the job interview! We dont even have a Lulu in Canberra!~

  2. thankyou! you dont have a lulu canberra?!! thats not fair! lucky you can order online! if you ever come to melbourne ill take to the warehouse...AMAZING!

  3. that's awesome!! 3 interviews, yeah, i think you're in. jealous of your soon-to-be discount.:)