Monday, February 7, 2011

High in Protien and Vegan Friendly!

Hello lovely people that read my blog, hope your day as been wonderful..mine has been productive which is a nice change from Sunday! I started the morning finding out id slept in, as my alarm clock doesnt work without my iphone :( anyway i made it to my interview at uni and got my timetable and study plan all sorted :)
Came home and called the austalian fitness academy to get my personal training course sorted so i can start next week whhoooot! Then, because i had my uni timetable sorted i was able to ring a certain company that i had had 2 interviews in jan with and am meeting their manager on Wednesday :) double whooot! Since i was clearly on a role this morning i also called and made a dentist appointment and got in this week ...score!

Today was clearly my day so i went to celebrate with a pilates class. I had missed this class so much and it felt so good to be back, and i left the class feeling like a stretchy noodle = big smily face.

Have you heard that Oprah has gone vegan? Well for 21 days at least..what a fantastic challenge! Especially for a lady that has the worlds best vegan chiefs at her hand. Oprah is easily one of the most influential people in the world, particularly when it comes to shaping culture, and this will surely push the vegan diet even further into the mainstream, which can only mean good things. Going vegan isnt for everyone and certainly not me, however i think everyone could take notes from the way of life..Looking at my diet i could benefit from gaining protien from non animal sources..including dairy.. so i thought i would do some reasearch to find out what other vegan friendly foods are high in protien..


  • legumes
  • nuts
  • seeds
However these protiens are not complete protiens, meaning they dont have all the essential amino acids your body needs. Vegans should eat a variety of plant proteins. When you combine whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes, you can get all of the essential amino acids. You don't really need to combine proteins with each meal, just be sure to get a variety of plant proteins during the day. Here are some ideas..

Healthy Vegan Ideas

  • Combine grains with legumes (black beans and rice, for example).
  • Corn can be combined with legumes, such as pinto beans, in a corn tortilla.
  • Add chopped green vegetables and almonds to pasta.
  • Whole wheat toast with peanut butter will give you a complete protein snack.
  • Try bean soup with whole grain vegan crackers.
Another vegan friendly source of protien is soy.

Im going to try my best to include more vegan sources of protien in my diet..

Readers question:
Did you watch that episode of oprah?
What do you think of the challenge? could you do it?
Have you ever changed your diet dramatically like this? why?

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