Sunday, February 6, 2011

A wet couple of days

hi everyone.. hope you all have had a fabulous weekend..
with all the rain here things are pretty wet.. Lucky we live on the top of a hill because the river has completely overflowed..
Other wet situations this weekend caused the death of my iphone.. its a long story but i guess i should start at the start...

Friday morning was wet humid and rainy so as i went into my room to get dressed after breakfast i was greeted by not one but two big black scary looking spiders...For Your Information spiders freak me out.. they are ugly and gross and ...eeek!
So all that screaming and crying and geting my brother to get rid of them ate up a fair bit of time ..and Brenton was going to be at my house in 5mins to take me out for lunch for my birthday. So i quicky got dressed put everything in my hand bag..ran back into the kitchen to get a drink bottle (i always carry water with me everywhere i go)..
before i knew it my whole bag filled with water.. yep i forgot to put the lid on the bottle! 

So my poor iphone spent the night soaked in rice..and yesterday i took him (its a boy im not sure why) to the phone hospital for an overnight stay..which turned out when i went to pick him up today that there was further complications and the situation was critical.
so its not looking good :( the perfect time to incure an expense like this..when i dont have a job.
ah welll..what can i do?

the problem is..its not just my phone..its my ipod that i use while running or at the gym., its the new equivilant of my garmin as it records my distances and stats, its my watch which tells me the time, its my mobile internet banking, its so so much more..its funny how reliant we get on technology that when its gone we dont know how to function!

I had a boozy night last night, and im actually quite ashamed of how i have treated my body within the past 24hrs. I went out for dinner with the girls and ate chinese which was followed by a heavy drinking night at a bad nightclub.. I spent all morning in bed, drinking pints of water and sleeping got up at noon had a carby lunch then spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch where i fell asleep again.. I am never that lazy i regret wasting the day...i could have run or gone to the gym but to be honest with you all.. i wasnt in any state to do that. And well...i didnt have anything else to do! This whole not having a job thing is driving me crazy i dont remember what i did with my time before i worked..well i was 14, so probably nothing.

i have also decided to suspend my challenge it set " seven days, of differnet meals, differnt ways.." untill i have the whole camera situation sorted out..

To aviod boredness i have filled my week up with lots of exercise, becuase lets face it, i  feel a lot better when i i felt awful not doing anything.
this weeks shedual looks like this
  • 12-1pm GYM
  • 1-2pm PILATES
  • 9pm NETBALL


  • evening 6km run

  • evening run 6-8km

  • GYM

  • PILATES 12-1PM
  • RUN 7KMS

cant wait to get my healthness back on :) and im sure once i get on with my life everything else will fall in place.
hope yor all have a lovely week and i'll catch you all tomz x

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  1. What a busy week! Hope you have an even better one this coming week!