Saturday, February 5, 2011

best machine in the gym..

hey friends.. how are you all traveling?  while my camera is M.I.A and my days are all loopy (long explanation coming soon) here is what im gonna write about

today i thought id do a post on my favourite piece of gym equiptment......

The Cross Trainer.
other wise known as the elliptical.. i L-O-V-E this thing the most of anything in the not get inbetween me and the elliptcal if im waiting for the machine ..

reasons i love it:
  • its joint friendly.. running can be harsh on your joints so on off days its nice to give them a break while still getting some cardio in. People who have joint pain can reduce a lot of impact on their joints by using this machine while still getting fit.
  • its versatile.. you can go backwards and forwards, allowing you to work your quads, hamstrings, glutes, core and arms
  • you can work at a range of intensities, great for interval training
  • its a whole body workout! arms core, glutes and legs..

how to get the best out of the cross trainer :
  •  if your focus is on toning your thighs, be sure to press your heels down, this will tone your hamstrings and give you a booty workout :)
  • pressing more with your toes will tone your quads on the front of your thighs.
  • going backwards tones your glutes and hamstrings.
  • pushing with your arms workorks your pecs while pulling the machine backwards works your lats..
  • to work on your core, take your hands off the handles and place them on your hips to support your posture. Keeping balance tones your core.
so there you go... get on the cross trainer today, except when im around and your jumping on the last machine, then politely step aside..

reader question: whats your favourite fitness machine and why?

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