Friday, February 25, 2011

tips for squeezing exercise into everyday

hi friends happy friday or rather TGIF! (although i guess thats what people who dont work on weekends should think)..but whether you work or not there is just something reliving about a friday? no? am i alone on this..maybe?!
today can be summed up in one word...WORK.
i worked at the shop in the morning untill 4pm when i ran to the train and worked from 4.30-8.30 at the rugby for robo direct..(just a little promo work on the side to help with the lack of cashola at the moment)
so since the last 11 hours have been go go go go.. of corse when i sit down i crash..i think that my regualar days off exercise might become fridays becuase when  i work at the rugby too they become quite hetic!

since i have been so busy this week and my fitness routines have slumped abit i thought id share with you some tips for sneaking fitness into your day i found over at fit sugar

  1. USE TV TIME! have a fit ball/yoga matt ect ready for the advert breaks and do stretches, crunches or get up and do small bursts of cardio.
  2. WALK! so simple, so just do it...ban lifts from your use and take the stairs,walk to the coffee shop around the block instead of driving there and if you can dont spent you lunch breaks sitting down get outside and enjoy the fresh air
  3. IN THE SHOWER.. ok this sounded funny to me when i first saw it too..they suggest to stretch and meditate, im sure i can meditate but..we are in a drought so long mediations in th shower are a no no, and stretching that would be awsome for some one less clumsy than me.
  4. MAKE EXERCISE AN EVERYDAY THING.. this one im guilty of but a work of warning, people will stare and they will think you are strange.. do squats/ lunges while you waiting in a que or in down time at work..i try my best to do it when there are no customers in the shop.

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