Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tired and tearful..

hey there...hows it going lovely readers of by blog?
to be honest i am tired and tearful and look like this while im typing.
i had my first day at the clinic today and it was wonderful i really like it, it was only a half day though so i get to go back a few days next week. I also love dressing up for the office :)
After work i drove straight to uni to start the first day of online learning for my cert 3 in fitness..
amazing seriously i feel like i have learnt so much already, i can tell this course is going to be so rewarding to study and really useful whether i use it or not.
i had all intentions of running tonight but i can tell my body is still getting used to the study/work thing and oh my gosh im im allowin myself a kind day and shall get back on the wagon next week..
to be honest my days are never as great if i dont exercise :( but sometimes you cant do it all and unfortunately this week with my shedule everywhere its 'one of those weeks'
my eats today were exactly the same as yesterday...i feeling extreamly guilty as a blogger because i know you guys dont want to read about how tired i am all the time, or cope with my boring posts..ive noticed the page views have gone down this month and i know its my fault as i havnt given as much love to the blog as i would like too.. All i can say is, i love you guys, please stick with me, things are going to settle down soon and work and study will be constant and not so all over the place and i can manage my time better.

something to think about:
'you were born with two ears and one mouth, use them in proportion' -Benjamin Franklin

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