Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Happy wedensday friends!! mine has been great! Today i found out that i got a job!! horray! I am now a part time receptionist at a sports and spinal medicine clinic ..i start training tomorrow so i will keep you updated.
With all the excitment today a workout didnt happen :( oopps but i did heaps of other stuff and i have pictures like i promised..
eats today looked like this

oats, blueberries and apricots..tastes yum i promise,
my bestie nat sent me this food container, its great, i keep my biscuits/blueberries/ carrots in the top. freeze the bottom half over night and store my hommas/yoghurt in to make sure it stays huh?
today i put hommas and seaweed crackers in the top

lunch was a yummy salad i added tuna for protien


 all my food to go...i love tupperware.. unsual for someone my age i know, but its just that dam handy!
there may have also included a hot dog and some ciders in with this but some how they disapered before the camera made it out...mystery to me :)

today i had to attend the LUST bbq where we set up to sign new members up ect..(Latrobe Uni Snowsports Team) was such a fun day, i love hanging out with these people!

basically we spent the day talking to people about our club and what we do and how much fun we have doing it..there were heaps of other uni sports clubs represented some i didnt even know existed...kite flying?! is it a sport...aparently so!

catty came down in the afternoon to help and we stayed on during the night where a band was playing raising money for the flood victims.

the band were pretty good, they were called Bristish India, im a fan from way back but it was interesting to see them play in a small setting :)

sun burnt face/freaky face...ooops

and lastly...(mind my smudged eye make up and ratty hair) look how big this tomato is?!!! it was almost the size of my head.

my dads been growing vegies all summer and finally the tomatoes are ready and they are giant..completely organic and super yum...
couldnt help but to finish the night off with a snack of cheese and tomato rice cakes...nomnomnom

im off to bed..i am so so tired..first day at work tomorrow eek!


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