Tuesday, February 22, 2011

running around with a smile

hi kids hope tuesday was a happy one for you, mine was certainly busy!
I started the day off by rushing out the door with a choc banana protien smoothie in hand  ..it was wonderful as always :)
did not still a drop in the car..i am that talented..or just really hungry :)
The day i had was jam packed...i am over ambitous at times..but i love a productive day!(super nerd alert)

  1. go to the shop i work at to talk to my boss about my hours
  2. pick up my broken phone from the good for nothing useless at customer service  3 store
  3. run to the apple store on the other side of town and plead them to fix it
  4. eat lunch and fill out police check forms for job interview
  5. rush to a 3 hour....yes i did just say 3 hour!! job interview.
  6. go to gym do 30mins cardio and a body sculpt and pilates class
  7. home and die on the couch wathing my kitchen rules.
My day actually looked like this
  • spent an hour at the shop listening to my boss ramble over how she would love to give me more hours at work but cant till June so she 'trusts me' to wait till then to work for her..yes they were her actual words
  • missed my appointment at the apple store so i went to uni to update my student card and get my parking permit
  • got home and had a yum lunch thanks to my past self who thought of my futer self last night and how hungry and time poor i would be.

spinach, alfalfa, feta carrot and tomato (they are on the bottom i promise)

  • made it to my job interview on time and think i did fairly well..it was a group interview and there were many strong applicants, so we shall have to wait and see. This interview was to be a disability support worker, i think this job would be very rewarding.
  • managed 20mins of cardio and the body sculpt class..then had to go home..i was so so tired and my body was achy after an amazing class so i couldnt complain..
all up they day was successful, i cant be upset with all of that...things dont go as plan but at least a majority of the stuff got done so im calling it a win.. with a smiley face
but i tell you ...this girl is TIRED.
i have a big day tomorrow but more fun and exciting..i cant wait to share it with you...and there will be pictures, because i am borrowing a camera for the day so i can show you it all..
anyway ill be seeing your pretty faces tomorrow ..im off to study..bye

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  1. 3 hour job interview??? lol...what the heck can you possibly talk about for that long?? that's insane! no wonder you were exhausted by the end of the day.