Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day date :)

hi friends..happy valentines day :) hope you are spending some time with the people you love today. Although it is an over hyped holiday by the stores to increase spending, it think its nice to have one day a year where you can celebrate along with everyone else the people you love. Notice i say people; becuase this year there is no 'boyfriend' to buy me flowers, and this is ok with me..
Let me introduce my valentine this year

ok she will kill me for posting this she is much more attractive :)

this is my lovely friend catherine...we happen to find ourselves single every second valentines day and have decided its fate telling us that we should go out and party!!
so thats how im spending my valentines day evening!

today has been particulary uneventful, i got a call to have a job interview for a physiotherapy practice tomorrow which is pretty exciting.I also took at step class and spent 20mins on the elliptical, paid some bills and had an annoying phone call from my phone company explaining that because i am one month out of my cover i have to pay excess of $300 to get my iphone thankyou!

anyway sorry for a  quick post i gotta run i have an early netball game tonight followed by a date..details tomorrow xo

readers question.. how are you spending valentines day? with your friends or your lover? what are your thoughts on valentines day?

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  1. Having good friends is more important that a Valentine! I LOVE these pictures!