Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I feel like im getting some where

Hi friends Happy Tuesday! Today felt like a day in my old life..meaning i was busy, so much so that i now feel exhausted and am taking the day off from running. Anyway more on that later..

Firstly i have to tell you about the lovely date i had last night with my friend catty.

cat came over for a cuppa and a bickie in the afternoon and a little chit chat of corse! We decided to go out and paint the town to celebrate being single and loving it, on valentines day. We went to Public Bar where i drank a couple of ciders ...im loving cider at the moment (in small amounts of corse)
Catty introduced me to Bulmers on my birthday..its not like other cider, this one is sweet and has quite a fruity taste.
After a couple of Bulmers we heading out side the pub in search of somewhere else to go..the problem was where do you on a monday night in melbourne that happens to be valentines day? ..we walked a block and decided to hire bikes and go for a romantic ride around the city..

It was such a good idea!! I cant believe ive never done this before they are so cheap, it only cost me $2.50 , i cant wait to do it again sometime..check out the site here .

Today i was worked at the shop then had another job interview at a spinal clinic as a receptionist.. they also practice clinical pilates there so it would be interesting to learn more about it. It went well, i have a trial tomorrow..the interview was really intense it took an hour but it was a great experiance.
I skipped my run this afternoon..please forgive me ..i just didnt feel right, i had a headache all day (not due to bulmers) so i decided to give my body a rest..i probably wasnt used to working all day lol

ok guys im off..wish me luck for my first day in the office tomorrow and i hope its the first of many :)

readers question..what did you do for valentines day?


  1. um, YOU ARE SO SO SO GORGEOUS!! That is so cool that you can rent those bikes...I am jealous, we need that here!! Glad you had fun last night and YOUR BODY NEEDS A BREAK:) Good luck with the job, keep us updated!!

  2. Sounds like a fun evening to me!!! :) And I hope that you get the new job!!!