Wednesday, February 16, 2011

this drink is bananas!

Hi there.. hope your wednesday is being wonderful to you!
breakfast today rocked my socks off (what ever that actually means). I made a banana and blueberry smoothie..oh my gosh yum!
make it more yum and fun by drinking it out of a curly straw...they are not just for kids. I shall post this recipe tomorrow so stay tuned fokes :)
The really special thing about this smoothie is that i hate bananas, i even used to be scared of them! I ve always hated the taste and the texture of bananas and through my unhealthy times bananas had too many calories for me to even look at them let alone eat them. This morning i was feeling a bit adventurous on the breakfast front and it paid off So horray I LIKE BANANNA SMOOTHIES!

Today i went to have a trial at a job im interested in. It went well and i got the hang of most of the administration side of it so i hope they like me and give me a call soon. I loved the environment and the patients were really nice.

i also have to share this list with you..posted over at Fitnessista its very eye opening and i think that everyone should have a puts life in persecptive
  • The most destructive habit – Worry
  • The greatest joy – Giving
  • The greatest loss – The loss of self-respect
  • The most satisfying work – Helping others
  • The ugliest personality trait – Selfishness
  • The most endangered species – Dedicated leaders
  • Our greatest natural resource – Our youth
  • The greatest shot in the arm – Encouragement
  • The greatest problem to overcome – Fear
  • The most effective sleeping pill – Peace of mind
  • The most crippling failure disease – Excuses
  • The most powerful force in life – Love
  • The most dangerous pariah – A gossiper
  • The world`s most incredible computer – The brain
  • The worst thing to be without – Hope
  • The deadliest weapon – The tongue
  • The two most power-filled words – I Can
  • The greatest asset – Faith
  • The most worthless emotion – Self-pity
  • The most beautiful attire – A Smile
  • The most prized possession – Integrity
  • The most contagious spirit – Enthusiasm
ok well i gotta run (literaly) its pouring rain outside so im going to be weak and go to the gym to run on the dreadmill..

Readers Question: what is your favourite smoothie recipe? what foods didnt you like when you were a child that you eat now? What do you think of the list above?


  1. My fav smoothie is a cherry / choc one - using frozen cherries, milk, ice and chocolate protein powder!

  2. Try adding a scoop of protein powder into the mix. Vanilla works best, but if you’re adventurous, chocolate works too. Now it’s a post-workout smoothie. Fruits will offer the glucose you need to kick your insulin production up and in turn will allow nutrients (including protein) to flood your depleted muscle cells and aid recovery and growth.

  3. i think i have to try the cherry one it sounds delicous!