Wednesday, March 16, 2011

blog is back

hi friends, happy wednesday!
this little blog is back into action after yesterdays absence, for some reason the world was against me putting up a post and my computer was determined not to let it happen.
Yesterday i reterned to my boot camp class and gosh did my booty feel it today.. yep all those squats went to good work i suppose.

Today was a blur, i woke up at 7 had the usal breakfast of late, weetbix...however i really have to have something else from now on becuase i was hungry by 9am.
i worked at the clinic till 2 today, needless to say my tummy was rumbling alot and my hand may have dipped into the lollie jar on more than one occasion...hey im human ok!
straight after work i had a staff meeting and didnt end up leaving till3.15, stopped by the store i worked at to pick up my pay on the  way home and before i knew it, it was 4.30 i forgot time for lunch and i was starving!

I had only packed a few snacks, i ate a peach before work. Peaches have to be my fav fruit :) I also packed a small snack box with walnuts dried apricots and seaweed crackers

when i got home what i ate was really simple corn crackers ham cheese and lettuce, they hit the spot, but i couldnt resist a mini hot cross bun as well :)
so that was that, it was 5pm and i was exhausted, i missed my combat class at the gym and decided to have some quite time before this evening..turns out mum found me snorning..i was really tired

got up at 6.30pm and quickly got ready for dinner...i lovely man took me out on a date tonight :)
we went to a tapas restraunt, and it was nice, not traditional spanish food that im used to but its nice to try differernt sorts of foods, they had sangria so i was photos im sorry it would just be weird on a first day ya know!? Plus im sure he prob thought i was a strange deaf girl becuase i have completely lost hearing out of my left ear, due to my latest ear infection..

anyway thats the lastest from my way..
readers question
whats your favourite fruit?
tell me about a first date you have been on?

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