Monday, March 14, 2011

the weekend that was..

hi friends how are you all? im finally home after a huge huge huge weekend...over the past 48hours i have only managed to have 9hours sleep and my eyes are feeling heavy as i write this.  So i thought before i crash i better do a small recount of the amazing weekend ive had becuase i promised i would...and well i just want you to know..

warning: there is nothing healthy about this post ...sorry

we left melbbourne after everyone had finished work and packed up which was about 1am...yes i mean 1am then  we drove 2 hours to Sheparton and proceeded to celebrate and drink untill...well the sun was up.
needless to say we were rather tried and ill in the morning but we were pumped up for the festival! it was 35 degrees and sticking hot so we covered ourselves in sunscreen and go dressed for the day

festival outfit..for you all..yep the standard bathroom shot with visable pre drink in picture...not judge me :)
becuase our friend Jamie was the festival organiser, we got VIP tickets,,very exciting we had our very own bar and got to hang out with the fabulous people!
Alle and me

unfortunately even the fabulous people werent spared from the rained...and poured. the festival had to stop for 2hours because well the place became a flood.

but it didnt damper our spirits, although we werent all as prepared like Alle

we had heaps and heaps of fun.. the bands were amazing and blew our socks favourites were Ryan Meeking and of course the stars of the show angus and julia stone
after the festival we headed out to the after party at about 1am then after the after party we created our own after after party with new and old friends and celebrated till about 6am were i think my body just gave up..

needless to say im exhausted, i now have an ear infection and possibly alachol with drawal...(possibly not)..Uni tomorrow is not what i feel like but its time to leave the world of partying and return to work/school/gym/study routine..oh and just to live for the next weekend to come.

Shout out and thankyou for Jamie Lea who organised this festival she did an amazing job and it was an outstanding day.. she is going to go really far as she is talented beyond talented..

thats all from me kids..sleep well, i know i will..
What have you been up to this weekend?

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