Sunday, March 13, 2011

dont worry be happy

optimists live longer!
its a good way of looking at life isnt it?!
so while im at a festival this weekend living the life , there is a fair chance that what ever you are doing is not as wonderful as me..(sorry i am being rude and mean but becuase you are all so lovely i know you understand my humour and forgive and love me ...yes?)

some helpful tips to look on the bright side..
  • become more aware of your thoughts
  • learn to assess whoch thoughts are helpful
  • question or challenge unhelpful thoughts
try not to visulize a the snowball effect...when something goes wrong we often assume
remember you can choose how you think..positive or negative thoughts account to the choices you make.. which contribute to your overall happiness. YOUR IN CONTROL!

FACT: A smile will always be responed with a smile, its a natural human relfex!

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