Saturday, March 12, 2011

festival time

hi lovely people, hope your all well ..HAPPY SATURDAY!  Thank goodness this week is over..i seriously just want to pump this song so loud..

anyway moving on...hows saturday treating ya? i woke up at 8.30 this morning i started work at 9..i deserve a medal for making it there in time i think. i even managed to have breakfast as well, it ending up being a choc banana protein smoothie in the car but it was a complete life saver…trust me I do not function without breakfast
lucky i packed my lunch/work snack the night before because there was no way i would have had time this morning..

tuna, spinach, tomato and avocado..nomnomnom

by the time i got home from work it was 3 and i was hungry again so i had another lunch/afternoon teaish snack/meal
yes i did take a bite before i took the picture...oops. ham lettuce tomato and homas whole meal pita..

this afternoon i had  a sleep...having a nap is the best way to finish off a hell week. Its also a good way to prepare for a late night drive to sheparton..more on that later
dinner was a little bit naughty..but hey who doesnt enjoy breakfast for dinner?

museli and grapes..

tonight im going on a late night road trip to sheparton (about 3hrs away) with  a bunch of lovely friends to support our awsome friend jamie who is launching 3630 music festival, its on the 13/3  and its going to be so much fun!..we are all so proud of her for doing this and i just know it is going to be amazing..
Not doing anything this labor day weekend?! sheparton is just around the corner and tickets are super cheap considering Angus and Julia Stone are the head line act...(Been living under a rock >?)

You can buy ticket here...anyone interested in coming be sure to let me know on here and i sort out some free accomodation for you all and maybe some VIP tickets..if your really lovely to me..(what does that even mean?! gosh im a doosh)

anway kids ill shall be back on monday to share with you all the details of the weekend :)
let me know if your interested in coming

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