Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cool application to share...

Happy thursday...!!! its almost friday! gosh...anyway hope your day has been lovely mine has been wet.. its rained all day today and everything is soggy,, i really dislike rain. I know i know its good for the plants but its not good for me and my little shoes that get soaked and my toes that go purple becuase they are cold and wet! i boy am i winging..sorry guys, time to turn this post around..
yeh i did have to put this one on makes me laugh and puts my whining in persepective :)

apart from the rain today was an ok day i had classes all day and with my wet feet i didnt make it to boot camp at 5, which i am very mad at myself for, but hey i am human and i did make up for it by using that time to finish an assignment then went to the gym to kick my own butt.

i also downloaded a new app on my phone today, its great, just the app ive been looking for, it lets you put in all the details and works out a training plan for what ever distance you plan to run..
cool huh? then it gives you the plan..
i did it for the 14.38km race i have in 3 weeks and considering i already have a fitness base ill be ready! so excited to start tomorrow with a sheduled 8km... it will probs be a dreadmill run though because after work i will be rushing finish before it gets dark

readers question
Got any cool apps to share with me?

something to think about
its our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Playing small does not serve the world, there is nothing enlightend about shrinking so that other people wont feel insecure around you.."

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