Monday, March 28, 2011

Some monday wisdom

hi did your monday go? mine went by so quickly...i still feel like i have tones of things to do.
Today i woke up to get ready for uni, had a yummy breakfast...promise it tastes 10000times better than it looks
oats, apple and sultanas..and possibly too much milk..but oh well it didnt spoil it..
put my little car in for a service today and then made my way to uni for a class.. Considering i did my first long run yesterday my legs felt good so i took a 50:50 class at the gym.. A 50:50 class is pretty much self explanatory..half step half weights.. the perfect combination if you ask me...i loved the step component of the class but it was then that i started to feel the tightness in my calfs from yesterday....more stretching next time i suppose..
lunch was a fantastic version of a regular

a tuna salad with tomato cucumber and carrot...nomnomnom

i spent the afternoon editing an assignment untill it was time to go and pick up my car
other snacks today looked like this..

and also a hot cross bun..i love them i just cant help it.

played netball tonight and now its safe to say im completely exhausted..

thought i would share with you a song im in love with today..its by a great band called Noah and the Whale
enjoy xo

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