Sunday, March 27, 2011

long run and tricky trends..

hi friends, cant believe the weekend is over already gosh i feel as though it has gone so quick and i still have 10000 things to do, ah well.. how was your weekend? mine was super fun, apologies for the quick and lame post yesterday i was writing it literally as i was walking out the door...i know i know bad blogger, i will try to be better i promise because...welll? i love you guys i do ..

mooshy side apart...

i was a very good girl today i finally got in my long run..that i was supposed to do on friday..(note to self, long run day will now be on sunday, im way too tired from school and work by friday and saturday to run long long distances.
so the plan looks like this
wednesday: medium run..this week its an 8km
friday: is a short run...this week is 4km
sunday: long run day.. this week it will be 11km

i'll x-train on monday and thursday and hopefully saturday depending on how im feeling.
anyway back to the run today i ran the longest distance i have ever run 10.12 km..ok only .12km longer than a 10km but most certainly the longest training run i have ever completed..i was very proud that i was able to push myself through it and complete it. Very happy with myself one step closer to my 14.38km race next month.

i've always wondered if other people got as overwhelmed as me when they look at the long runs on their training plans.. i mean your doing the easy runs in week1-4 then later on you have to tackle 16,18, 20kms..looking at those on a piece of papper freaks me out..i mean i can run 10km but how the hell am i going to run 18? and 20? eventually 21? gosh!!
but i will im sure, there was a time when 10km was an unthinkable distance to run...its all about training and building up to these things..eating right, xtraining blah blah blah...theres no looking back i am going to do this.

in completely unrelated topic..
most of you  have no idea that i LOVE head in hats, mostly berets but ill dable on other styles just becuase they are awsome, hide a lazy girls hair and are practicle...however there has always been one style of hat i am dying to own..except i have no idea where or when im going to wear it..
tricky trend..floppy felt hats

i found one like is on saturday and it was rediculously cheap and needless to say it looked fabulous on me..i so badly wanted it the hell will i wear it and where?? not sure what to do..
what are your thoughts?

anway im off to get some sleep big week begins all over again tomorrow. night night x

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