Tuesday, March 22, 2011

time is running out

 EXCITING NEWS!  first race of 2011 :) is going to be the run for the kids, im quite nervous as i have never run 14.38km before but i think it will be a great step to build up for my half later on this year.

no backing out now i have signed up :) honestly i dont think there could be anymore motivation that knowing that your signed up so whether or not you are ready you have to run it....and lets face it who likes to run a bad race?
its in 25 days...ideal? not really, but hey im gonna do my best and build on the fitness i already have..its a new distance for me so its a new chance to run a personal best...right? right?

readers question
are you doing the run for the kids?
what races have you got yourself signed up for?
what motivates you?

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