Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A day that started off down hill

hi friends, hows monday treating you? my day was well eventful to say the least.. i got woken up this morning by my dad 20mins late becuase i had accidently set my alarm to pm instead of am...oops
i then cut my finger while making breakfast.. ouch
                                                             oats with apple and nutmeg.

i quicky got ready for uni as i was already running late from sleeping in, maybe this made me grumpy, but honestly i didnt feel it. What ruffled my feathers was when i made it to class and we began out group assignments...i have the biggest twat in my group, he belittles, insults and disregards everything i have to say, he is controlling and a complete begit. THERE i said it...and today i may have also said something along the lines of that to him.... oh no
you know when you think something then all of a sudden it comes out like word vomit.. well i tried to tell myself he had it coming, but the lack of yoga in my life is definately starting to show, i must learn to keep calm and carry on..but seriously this guy pushed all my buttons!
Im usally quiet and bite my tounge and smile but i just couldnt do that today...and knowing this i let this jerk spoil my day...my actions shocked me and i just couldnt stop thinking about it. I went home and to take my mind of the mornings events i made myself a lunch that was too yum for works
this picture does not do it justice, my omlette had one egg, 2 egg whites, spinach, onion, a piece of ham shredded, cheese and tomato...nomnomnom

then i spent the afternoon being lazy becuase well...i have no excuse i just felt off. i watched 3 episoades of skins season 5 (love love love but its nothing compared to season 1 and 2), so that was a good thing that happend today:)  another great thing that happend today was my skirt from modcloth arrived in the mail

its made of wool... so is definately a winter skirt..eeek! i cant wait to wear it!

oh and this little brooch too, i have been naughty and doing too much online shooping lately

i hade stirfry for dinner, thanks mum :) then did some school work before heading to the gym to do some quick cardio before netball...i ran  2.5km on the dreadmill then the dreaded happened my ipod fell and i went to catch it and the machines safety switch pulled and the it stopped so suddenly i almost ran into the front bar..gosh! so after that i decided the cross trainer was a much better and safe machine to finish off the last 25mins of my workout on..then i went to netball...we had a super late game tonight 9.40! i dont like late games becuase it means its really hard for me to wind down at night...
anyway the good news is we won.
i was starving after netball so i came home and had some protien with some milk

and these...times 35472959825...i love grapes, its scary how quickly i eat them though
anyway im off, i have a breakfast date with my girlfriends tomorrow morning and my bed time was 1.5hours ago..nite xoxox

 readers question
dealt with idiots at school/work before like this? advice?
do you love the series skins? have you seen season 5? what season is your fav?

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  1. Oh I'm completely in love with your brooch Nat! Where did you buy it from?