Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spotlight on: Mc Runner

Introducing a man who many believe is nuts! His name is Joe and he has pledged to run the LA marathon this weekend with a diet for the last 30 days consisting solely of Mc Donalds.

Joe is no stranger to running  mind you, he has run 14 marathons in his life and this weekend is setting out to beat is personal best time of 2 hours and 36minutes..WOW! Can he do it? I certainly hope for his sake he does and personally i think there is no reason why he shouldnt.

Odd position to take for a healthy living blogger...yes i know. When i first read about this challenge i was really worried for his health, i mean i what world would a marathoner chasing a PB do this to his body?!
But looking further into his diet which he logs daily over at  Mc Runner .com he does not live solely off "typical" Mc Donalds food. 5 years ago this challenge would have been more difficult, before a lot of healthier foods were introduced. On a closer look  on his diet log, this guy knows what he is doing, after 14 marathons he has the expertise to fuel is body well and most definately takes advantage of the healthy options.

Lets take a look at the typical daily diet of Mc Runner 
                                                            March 17, 2011 (Day 28)

Morning:5 hotcakes
egg mcmuffin (egg only)
fruit & yogurt parfait
orange juice
white milk
Afternoon:hamburger, no pickle
side salad with balsamic vinaigrette
1/2 medium french fries
bucket of coke

grilled chicken sandwich
fruit & walnut salad
Snacks:small reeses mcflurry

Its not as though he is eating a supersized breakfast meal, a pounder meal for lunch and a supersized angus meal for dinner.
WHATS MY POINT?! its not a Mc Donalds free for all, Joe uses common sense and watches his portion sizes. Yes the hamburgers do feature in his diet but so do a lot of oatmeal and salad and eggs..
                     (since when does Mc Donalds have oatmeal?!this needs to come to Australia)

WHY? Joe has taken on this challenge to raise my for the Ronald Mc Donald House which is a great cause, please donate and support Joe supporting them here

So good luck Joe, he is running the LA marathon in about 14 hours so fingers crossed he can reach his PB, this challenge isnt for everyone and a rest asured he is being monitored by doctors who have given him the final check up and he is good to go for the big run!

What are your thoughts on this challenge?


  1. I am really unsure of this...and I know that it has caused soem division in the bloggy world.
    oooh but yes - oatmeal at maccas in australia would be wonderful!!!

  2. Starbucks in Australia have oatmeal. It would be interesting to see oatmeal at McDonald's in Australia, they've trialled a few different healthier options in the past.