Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why your wasting your time at the gym.

Hey there, thought id do a different sort of post today since its been awhile and with a topic like this.. i just couldnt resist!

When it comes to the gym it seem quality not quantity is the answer.. Forget spending an hour on the treadmill, its all useless unless your working in your right work out zone.

Whats your right workout zone you ask? Its easy check out the this chart..

high intensity workouts provide more benefits in terms of weight loss and health benefits than long low instensity cardio. Using the target zone chart as an example for me: I'm 22 so i should aim to get my heart rate up to at least 130 to 170 heart beats per minute (the purple zone), for a high intensity workout i would aim to get my base heart rate throughout the workout to sit at 160 beats per minute and aim to get it up to 180 beats per minute to ensure i also workout in my anaearobic threshold zone.

What is the anaearonbic threshold?
A person's anaerobic threshold has been reached when their body is under extreme conditions and the burning of oxygen can not keep up with the body's demands. At this point, the body begins to burn stored fuels, like sugars, instead of oxygen as the primary fuel. The word anaerobic literally means "without oxygen." This threshold can be expanded by training, so athletes are most often concerned with where this threshold is and how to expand it.
When the body is under regular conditions, it burns oxygen as the primary fuel to continue motion. This kind of activity is called aerobic. Carbon dioxide is produced as a byproduct of the process and is expelled through the lungs. The aerobic system is active for most daily tasks and light exercise.

High intensity workouts such as interval training
interval training involves periods of high intensity followed by a short rest period.

so there ya go..get hot and sweaty for a short period has a better chance at .....well getting you hot!
enjoy...if your good i may post an interval workout for you tomorrow  wink wink

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